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Absecon Forms, Permits, Licenses

The Forms provided below are noted as being an online form or a PDF.

Application for a Certificate of Continued Occupancy (CCO)  
Rental Guidelines PDF  
Application for Rental Permit PDF  
Landlord Registration Form PDF  
Application for Rental Inspection  
Application for Transient Accommodation License PDF  
Tenant Register PDF  
Certification for Resale
Zoning permit  
Link to obtain UCC applications for Building, Electrical, Fire, Mechanical Inspector, Elevator, Plumbing subcodes:
Government Records Request
Bingo License - State of NJ
Boat Ramp Permit by Mail PDF  
Coin Drop Application  
Raffle License Application - State of NJ
Link to Legalized Games of Chance for Bingo and Raffle Applications
Requirement to obtain a Mercantile License
Mercantile License Application
Vital Records Request (Birth, Marriage, Death)
Employment Application
Marriage, ReMarriage, Civil Union Reaffirmation of Civil Union
Procedure for Obtaining a Marriage License in Absecon
Voter Registration Form
Application for Vote By Mail Ballot
Link to Atlantic County Clerk's Office and Election Forms
and Information
Link to the NJ Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control
Landlord Registration Form
Application for Zoning Permit or Site Plan Waiver PDF
Submission and Review Procedures for Land Development Applications
Application for Land Development
Final Major Subdivision Checklist
Final Major Site Plan Checklist
Major Site Plan Review Checklist
Major Subdivision Review Checklist
Minor Subdivision Review Checklist
Minor Site Plan Review Checklist
Application for Land Development - Zoning
Zoning Variance Application and Instructions