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Time to Renew 2018 Dog Licenses

The State of New Jersey mandates that all dogs must have current rabies vaccinations pursuant to N.J.S.A. 4:19-15.1 et seq. and requires all municipalities to monitor such by the licensing of dogs.  Therefore, every dog owner must license their pet this year and every year without exception.

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 4:19-15.1 et seq., the Rabies Vaccination Certificate must be valid thru October 30, 2018 or you must obtain a rabies booster shot and new vaccination certificate in order to purchase a license for 2018.

The Atlantic County Shelter holds a free rabies clinic monthly.

In addition, Chapter 122 of the City of Absecon Code states the license fees

For the period commencing January 1st through March 31st:

Neutered or spayed: $7

Non-neutered or non-spayed: $10

For the period commencing April 1st through December 31st:

Neutered or spayed: $12.

Non-neutered or non-spayed: $15.

Please bring proof of Rabies Vaccination and proper payment to the City Clerk's as soon as possible.  Call if you have any questions.