Youth Protection Program

Anyone interested in coaching or assisting with youth programs must be fingerprinted and undergo a background check. An ID badge must be worn at all times. These instructions are for both New and Renewal Applicants. ​

  Coach   Background Check/Fringerprinting Process

STEP 1:          Click the link to Identogo

STEP 2:          Set up Fingerprinting appointment on IdentoGo website (you will need a credit card to complete)

                     Select New Appointment - Click Here!

                     Select Schedule or Manage Appointment      

                     Select Contributor's Case Number - A15001

                     Search Fingerprint Location and set up Appointment


STEP 3:          Attend your fingerprinting appointment

STEP 4:          Bring the receipt to Absecon City Hall, 500 Mill Road

STEP 5:          You will be notified when the background check is approved and ID card is ready for pickup



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