Bureau of Fire Prevention

The Bureau of Fire Prevention is responsible for a multitude of inspections and services to the public, including the inspection of every business, warehouse, institution, and school facility on an annual basis to ensure they are not in violation of the Uniform Fire Code of the State of New Jersey. Fire Marshals also inspect new businesses during the Occupancy for Use application process in conjunction with the Zoning Officer. Additionally, in the month of October, Fire Marshals are tasked with promoting fire safety by making visits to the public elementary schools as well as the majority of the preschool and daycare facilities in the township. The Bureau of Fire Prevention is also responsible for handling all complaints that appear to violate the Uniform Fire Code for the State of New Jersey. The Bureau also performs Origin and Cause investigations for all fires within the city.

Fire Prevention

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
(609) 277-1730
(609) 645-5098
Fire Official
Ed Vincent