Public Works

The Public Works Department maintains all of the City’s parks and athletic fields. This includes mowing grass, weed-wacking, edging, maintenance of all irrigation systems. Fertilizing, seeding, also at library, firehouse and city hall. Cutting City owned lots, street shoulders and retention basins. Cleaning all athletic field bathrooms and re-stocking, picking up trash in parks and other city owned properties.

  •  Dragging baseball fields daily and layout of football field and paint of lines weekly during season.
  •  Street sweeping on city roads.
  •  Pick up white goods and metal throughout city.
  •  City-wide leaf collection in Spring and Fall each year.
  •  Maintain a Class B recycling facility for our leaf compost.
  •  Minor street repair from patching potholes to small overlay paving jobs.
  •  Handling sewer house calls during normal business hours.
  •  Routinely checking the 14 pump stations to make sure all equipment is in working order.
  •  Snow plowing and spreading salt on all city streets, parking lots and city buildings.
  • Road miles in city: 38.1
  • Curb miles in city: 76.2


Frequently Asked Questions:

+ - A street light is out, who should I notify?
+ - How do I report a pot hole?
+ - Who do I call to report a dead deer on a roadway?
+ - My sewer is clogged, what do I do?
+ - I am having trouble with my electricity or other public utility. Who do I call?

Public Works

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
(609) 646-0664
(609) 645-5098
Lloyd H. Jones, Jr.
Bill Hoch