Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is an essential part of maintaining the appearance and integrity of City of Absecon.  The code holds property owners responsible for the upkeep of their properties. Absecon takes an aggressive approach toward addressing and correcting property maintenance violations.  

In addition to regulating the overall appearance of properties, the Code Enforcement Department addresses maintenance of grass, weeds, trash, recycling, debris, building exteriors, vehicle storage and related city ordinances.  Owners whose property violates any provision of the code are notified to correct the violation(s) and comply with the regulations.

The Code Enforcement office is also responsible for the inspection of all properties that are being sold or rented within the City in compliance with state regulations and municipal code requirements.

The City works rigorously to keep looking its best.  Located within the Construction Office, Code Enforcement can be reached at (609) 641-0663, ext. 113.

Property Resale Requirement

Chapter 160 of the Code of Absecon requires all properties having a change in owner, tenant or occupant receive a certificate of continuing occupancy stating the property is in compliance with the Chapter 266, property maintenance code. Residential properties must also comply with N.J.A.C.5:70-2.3 for smoke alarms, co alarms and fire extinguisher. 

Residential Rental Property Requirements

Chapter 251 of the Code of Absecon regulates and governs the rental of residential properties within the city. No person(s), corporation or business entity shall offer any residential property for rent, lease or let any residential property to any person(s) without first obtaining a Rental Property Permit from the City. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Code Enforcement Office at 609-641-0663, ext. 113.

Code Enforcement

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
(609) 641-0663 ext. 113
Code Enforcement Officers
Mike O'Hagan
Leigh Gadd
Recycling Coordinator
Robert Battista