Emergency Management

The primary concern for residents of Absecon are the natural hazards such as coastal flooding; tropical cyclones; and short-termed fast moving thunderstorms. Additionally, we meet and discuss man made incidents such as airplane accidents; school concerns; potential transportation accidents on our highways and power outages.

Absecon Emergency Management personnel work closely with police; fire; emergency medical services; and public works to prepare for and respond to all sorts of potential incidents/disasters that may keep you from carrying out your daily routines.

We are not alone. We work closely with our township and city partners, and on occasion reach out the the Atlantic County Office of Emergency Management and also to the State Office of Emergency Management under the direction of the New Jersey State Police.

Together our mission is to protect the citizenry of the City if Absecon under the Leadership of Mayor Kimberly Horton.

We thank you very much for your continued patience while first responders address concerns daily dealing with the COVID-19 virus and sincerely hope you continue to be safe and healthy. It has been over a a year (March 8, 2020) since the first call to action was sounded to prepare for and protect Absecon.


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Emergency Management

Dial 9-1-1
(609) 641-0667 ext. 200
Jim Eberwine
Deputy Coordinator
Anthony Giardina